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Services Offered

Educational Consulting

Whether it is a systematic audit, master scheduling, professional development, campus and/or district value structure alignment, district/campus improvement plans, team building, culture audits, and more, I have you covered. Submit your request below for more information.

Writer and Proofreader

If you are needing papers, poetry, articles, summarization, proofreading, and anything else tied to writing and proofreading, please submit a request below. 


Teachers, administrators, staff members, interns, students, or any other professionals needing personal mentoring and coaching on best practices, professional guidance, lesson plans, and anything else to make your practices more efficient and effective, submit your request below.

Administrator and Teacher Advisor

Any teachers and administrators who need help or guidance to improve efficacy, efficiency, and effectiveness, please submit a form below for more information. (Several clients obtain me for this service to help them against HR and other upper-level tactics to ensure they are steps ahead of any possible issue) 

Freelance Researcher and Consultant

For this service needing research on any topic, guidance and assistance on your current research, help with dissertations and defenses, current research analysis, and data development. Please submit the form below if you need guidance on this. 

Life Coach

If you personally need daily support, guidance, and help with anything on a mental, emotional, or physical level, please submit the form below. We will collaborate on a plan to help you through your daily plans and struggles, creating an increase in joy, happiness, success, efficiency, and fulfillment.   

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